Hotel Distribution Toolkit

Website Launch Checklist: Ensures all necessary elements are in place before launching a new hotel website, such as content, design, booking engine integration, and SEO optimization.Competitive Analysis Checklist: Helps analyse the online presence and performance of competing hotels, including their OTA presence, pricing strategies, and marketing efforts.Revenue Performance Measurement Checklist: Outlines key metrics and performance indicators to measure and track revenue generated from various online channels, including OTAs.
OTA Setup Checklist: Guides the team through the process of setting up the hotel’s profile, rates, availability, and content on various OTAs.Rate Strategy Checklist: Guides the team in setting competitive rates for different seasons, events, and market segments, considering factors like demand, competitor rates, and channel-specific pricing rules.Channel Mix Analysis Checklist: Assists in analysing the contribution of different online channels to the hotel’s overall revenue and identifying opportunities for optimization.
Rate Loading Checklist: Helps manage the accurate loading of rates and availability on all online channels, including OTAs, the hotel website, and other distribution platforms.Promotions and Packages Checklist: Helps plan and execute promotional campaigns and packages across various online channels, including OTAs, to attract bookings and increase revenue.Rate Parity Checklist: Helps monitor rate parity across different channels, ensuring consistent pricing and preventing rate discrepancies.
Content Standardization Checklist: Ensures consistent and optimized content across all online channels, including room descriptions, amenities, and images.Content Update and Refresh Checklist: Ensures regular updates and refreshing of hotel content across all online channels to reflect any changes in amenities, services, or offerings.Conversion Rate Optimization Checklist: Focuses on improving the conversion rate of website visitors to confirmed bookings by analysing user behaviour, optimizing booking flows, and implementing A/B testing.
Booking Engine Optimization Checklist: Covers aspects like user experience, mobile responsiveness, and conversion tracking to maximize direct bookings on the hotel’s website.Review and Reputation Management Checklist: Guides the team in monitoring and managing online reviews and ratings across various platforms, including OTAs, to maintain a positive reputation.
Channel Distribution Strategy Checklist: Assists in developing a comprehensive strategy for channel distribution, including selecting and prioritizing OTAs, managing direct bookings, and evaluating new distribution opportunities.OTA Performance Evaluation Checklist: Helps evaluate the performance of different OTAs based on metrics like revenue contribution, booking volume, and cost of acquisition.
OTA Rate Optimization Checklist: Guides the team in optimizing rates and availability on OTAs to maximize revenue, considering factors like demand patterns, competitor rates, and yield management principles.
OTA Content Enhancement Checklist: Ensures the hotel’s content on OTAs is up-to-date, engaging, and optimized to attract potential guests and improve conversion rates.
OTA Ranking and Visibility Checklist: Focuses on improving the hotel’s visibility and ranking on OTAs through strategies like search engine optimization, guest reviews, and content optimization.