Hotel Growth Tool Kit

Are you looking to drive the commercial success of your hotel? Then, here is Everything you need to know and do!

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving hotel and travel industry, the capability to transform actionable intelligence into concrete actions is not just valuable; it’s central to success. Our Hotel Growth Toolkit launching on the 15th of May 2024 is designed precisely with this objective in mind—to empower your hotel with planning tools and strategies that are outcome-focused, efficiently executable, and process-oriented.

what makes up the hotel growth tool kit?

  • 100+ planning and action oriented tools – templates, checklists and action plans on improving hotel commercial performance
  • Each item is action oriented and helps learn and act effectively
  • High emphasis on online distribution, technology and tools
  • Resources on business intelligence, reporting and analysis
  • Updated weekly with new content
  • Created by senior commercial leaders in the hotel industry

how will the hotel growth tool kit help?

Implementing our Hotel Growth Toolkit means not just access to an array of strategic resources but also embarking on a journey towards commercial excellence and revenue maximisation. Our toolkit is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring seamless support for your hotel’s existing commercial teams while providing maximum impact.

With a focus on outcomes, our toolkit is crafted to produce measurable results. Through the application of the provided templates and tools, your hotel will witness improved efficiency, heightened guest satisfaction, and, most importantly, a significant boost in revenue.

hotel sales

Action plans & checklists

Enhance your sales approach with our action oriented templates and tools designed for maximising efficiency and outcome. Our sales growth kit equips your team with the resources needed to close gaps in process, improve conversion and  close deals more effectively.

hotel marketing

Action plans & checklists

Elevate your marketing efforts with our comprehensive suite of tools and templates. Designed for the dynamic demands of hotel marketing, this growth kit facilitates the creation and execution of marketing plans and campaigns that resonate with your target audience, ensuring maximum reach and engagement and driving more direct reservations.

Hotel Distribution

Action plans & checklists

Streamline your hotel’s distribution strategy with our specialised tools and templates. This growth kit aids in managing your hotel’s presence across various channels, ensuring rate consistency as well as visibility, availability and bookability to your potential guests.

Revenue Management

Templates & tools

Optimise revenue management with our latest RM templates and tools. This segment enables hotels to identify process gaps, areas to improve collaboration with wider teams, make informed pricing decisions from available technology, forecast demand more accurately, and implement revenue-optimising strategies.

business intelligence

Templates & tools

Harness the power of data with our BI templates and tools. This critical component enables your team to generate actionable insights through data analysis, facilitating informed decision-making that drives growth and success.

hotel technology

Templates & tools

Stay ahead in the digital age with our commercially impacting technology checklists. It provides templates and tools essential for integrating the latest technological advancements into your hotel’s commercial teams and operations, thereby enhancing efficiency and the guest experience.


Access our entire growth tool kit which is updated on a weekly basis and incorporates the latest trends, opportunities and actions that hotel commercial teams should make. Available from 15th May 2024.

  • Ongoing access to new weekly content
  • Access to multiple formats – excel and pdf
  • Option to request checklists & templates
  • Quarterly webinars on latest trends & opportunities

one off purchase

Download our entire growth tool kit across the six different areas that impact commercial growth for your hotel/s. Available from 15th May 2024.

  • Instant access to complete tool kit
  • Access to multiple formats – excel and pdf