sample content modules

We offer a range of content modules that can deliver a high-level overview or provide in-depth coverage of various topics.

For instance, a session on business travel or distribution technology could be a 2-hour introduction or expanded into a full-day comprehensive course. These modules are customisable, and we can supplement them with additional supporting materials. Please reach out to us to explore the options and learn more about tailoring the content to your specific needs.

1 – The Big Picture

This session explains the major changes that have impacted the buying process. Ensuring that students & commercial teams have the big picture allows them to adapt and respond faster and better to future changes.

  • Changes to the travel buying process
  • Impact of changes in technology on the buying process
  • Market differences
  • A more diverse competitive landscape
  • Convergence of hotel technologies
  • Staying ahead & embracing change

2 – Hotel Technology

Many commercially minded learners are familiar with technology and have their own expertise. This session reviews common hotel technologies and helps to analyse the layers that underpin the way we use them.

  • The role of technology and its impact
  • Sales management systems
  • Marketing systems
  • Distribution systems
  • Property Management systems
  • Revenue Management systems

3 – tech convergence

Technology systems have evolved and there is more understanding of business requirements. The session explains the evolution of hotel technology, the convergence it brings and what it means for commercial teams.

  • What is convergence?
  • Impact of technology convergence on commercial teams
  • Leveraging convergence for maximum commercial impact

4 – Commercial Impact

How does one plan to use the understanding of these changes to good effect? Changes in buying patterns means a change in commercial processes too. This session explains the importance of getting processes right and designing them well.

  • Role of commercial processes
  • A dynamic approach to commercial processes
  • Technology & Processes – who leads?
  • Designing commercial processes for impact

5 – distribution tech

This session looks at how distribution and related technologies have evolved. It also looks at new technologies and leveraging the cross over between sales and distribution.

  • Role of distribution & its evolution
  • Changes to the Central Reservation Systems
  • Changes to the Global Distribution Systems
  • Evolution of niche Distribution systems
  • Other distribution technologies
  • Defining the cross over between sales & distribution

6 – understand crm

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the life blood of any customer centric business and in hospitality, this assumes even more importance. This session reviews best practices and the evolution of CRM.

  • Optimal use of CRM in Sales & Distribution
  • Optimal use of CRM in Marketing
  • Use of CRM systems while on the move
  • Use of CRM with 3rd party applications
  • E-mail & productivity
  • Relevance of data quality

7 – business travel

For many years in the run up to the Covid 19 pandemic, the corporate buying process had remained relatively stable. New ideas and technologies, however, are challenging the status quo. This session looks at the changes in corporate and group purchasing.

  • The corporate Request For Proposal (RFP) process
  • Review of corporate RFP systems & technologies
  • The group RFP process
  • Review of group RFP systems
  • Leveraging RFP systems

8 – manage information

Information is vital to decision making. The quality of information available to commercial teams has improved. But so has the volume of data. This session looks at managing information flow and tools to help improve actionable intelligence

  • Business Intelligence tools
  • Holistic reporting & analysis
  • Deriving actionable intelligence & acting on it
  • Transparency & more effective communications – shared work platforms
  • External tools to stay better informed  

9 – case studies

In this session, we look at some examples of processes & technologies that are in place (or those that participants are aware of) and test them to see how future proof they are. Participants are then encouraged to list a simple action plan with recommendations for change.

  • Review of commercial processes currently in place & changes required
  • Review of technologies currently in place & changes required
  • Prepare an action plan with recommendations