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In today’s hospitality world, traditional sales skills alone aren’t enough; strategic understanding of all distribution channels, a holistic approach to marketing and sales with the relevant use of technology will get you ahead.

Sales and distribution channels have evolved. The ways a traveller books hotels have changed. The mediums they use to interact and buy have converged. The speed and lead time in decision making have been transformed. Factors influencing travel buying decisions have shifted. Competition has diversified.

How well does your commercial team understand these changes? Are they well placed to make the most of these rapid and often complex changes? Or is there analysis paralysis?

We have gathered a range of resources and tools that take a practical approach to help hotel commercial teams to understand these changes holistically and respond quickly.

Skills & Background

Hotel Marketing
Hotel Distribution
Hotel Sales
Revenue Management

Meet Us

All round hospitality experience

Baloo Hotel Distribution Marketer
I am a specialist in hotel commercial functions and help hotel companies to boost sales efficiency and productivity with the use of appropriate technology.
Helena Sales Specialist
I have worked with a wide range of hotels across the world to develop their commercial strategy and help implement them.
Jason Marketer
I specialise in hotel internet marketing strategies.