OTA Directory

Global Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like Expedia.com, Priceline.com, and Booking.com, provide hotels with a virtually unlimited online audience worldwide.

A positive relationship with major OTAs today often translates into higher occupancy and, eventually, an increase in overall revenue. However, the relationship is fraught with the rising cost of sale in commissions and discounts.

It is increasingly important to expand and diversify a hotel’s potential OTA partners – one that specifically broadens hotels reach in attracting new customers, including a relevant international clientele.

This directory is a curated list of medium to high impact OTAs across the world. Please note that impact refers to overall reach and potential as well as an ability to push its presence on metasearch.

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OTAs UK (6)

OTAs Spain (6)

OTAs Germany (4)

OTAs India (6)

OTAs China (14)

OTAs Israel (1)

OTAs Japan (4)

OTAs Indonesia (4)

OTAs Saudi Arabia (2)

OTAs UAE (4)

OTAs Kuwait (1)

OTAs Palestine (1)

OTAs Mexico (1)

OTAs Netherlands (2)

OTAs Argentina (3)

OTAs Brazil (2)

OTAs Russia (1)

OTAs United States (2)